Now You Can Get “On The Go” Shelter In Minutes With This Backroadz Truck Tent.

Whether you are bugging out, or just enjoying a practice survival run in the wilderness, you’re going to need shelter. The Backroadz Full Size Regular Bed Survival Tent can provide just that.

This tent will fit most truck beds – even older models. Aftermarket accessories are generally not a problem either. It has plenty of room for two adults comfortably, and can keep a family of 4 warm in an emergency situation.

A zombie outbreak, EMP, or financial collapse isn’t going to wait for pleasant weather to happen. You’ve taken steps to get your family prepared, but what happens if you run into delays on the way to your bug out location and it’s raining?

Fancypreppers don’t sleep in the rain if they don’t have to – you owe it to your family to have a little extra backup shelter. And, at an affordable price with an average 4.75 star Amazon review, the Backroadz Truck Tent  is a no-brainer to add to your supplies.


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