This Lightweight, Rain-resistant, Shockproof Solar Charger Could Recharge Itself For Any Emergency.

Being prepared doesn’t always mean you only think about the worst case scenario. There are quite a few situations your preps could help you overcome that don’t necessarily mean the end of the world. 

For example, imagine a storm knocks out power to your area for a few days – how will you stay in touch with your loved ones? This solar powered charger is the answer! Easily use the sun’s energy to charge any electronic device over and over. Even if your cell phone and internet communications are out – there is still benefit to being able to boot up your tablet or smart phone. 

Why? The first reason is that even when cell and wifi signals are down, most smartphones can still use GPS signals. As long as the satellites are communicating, then you’ll be able to find out exactly where you are (and determine where you need to go!). You also have to consider any kids who may with you – in a stressful situation, letting a toddler play a few games on your iPhone may help maintain a sense of calm….and that makes this little charger worth every penny!

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