Use The Lifebox UltraCharge With Jumper Cables To Start Your Car Battery In A Matter of Seconds.


When the grid goes down, be the only one with power. The LifeBox Ultracharge 1000 is small, portable, yet powerful. With a single charge, you can jump your car 20 times, and it also packs an ultra-bright LED flashlight with over 120 hours of life-giving light in a single charge. You can extend your range to bug out just by having a couple of these charged up and ready to go. 

Sure, you’ve taken great care of your bug-out vehicle, and your battery is new and in pristine condition. But what if? What if for some reason it can’t hold a charge when you need it most? Redundancy is the name of the game, and there’s no excuse to be stuck at home because your battery is mysteriously dead. Even better, keep one in your day to day vehicle, as well as your family’s cars. That way, when Junior accidentally leaves his lights on at school, you won’t have to take time away from important tasks to go give him a jump start!

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